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Are you challenging to plan your kitchen so it's functional and can store all your essentials?

Or need help planning your rack, and don't know how to get there?


I remember this positive surprise of Mr carpenter after all the furniture executive drawings I ordered from him have been sent. I have applied them to things that were supposed to be there, taking into account the options for modification. This has reduced our time during the measurement process, because I was not wondering how to deploy any more.


I'm also a fan of the IKEA solutions, with the PAX cabinet system, you'll be able to enchantment your dream wardrobe and be very comfortable to use. If our needs change over time, we can change the interior of the cabinets again.

Kitchen planning with IKEA tools - find the right solution. And the solutions we can use for optimal storage are great. Really.



Always remember that you deserve to feel good in space,

That's around you.


I'm here to help you.

A small brainstorming or on-site consultation is sufficient.

I can help you on any matter to create a functional space for you

And to suit your needs.






Kitchen Planning - basic (ikea Method)

kitchen planning - including description and equipment plan

description of how to organize your existing kitchen inside

kitchen planning for carpenter

planning pax cabinets

planning of cabinets for dimensions for carpenter

organize existing cabinets

Well Organized Closet
your perfect kitchen
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