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How did I prepare to work with an architect?

I came to Magda’s website the Shape of Things by the order of her husband Paul. We worked in the same company for a while. Paweł posted a post on his FB and so it was my legs or rather eyes that led me to Magda. That was in November 2016. I lived in a boat then.

At that time I did not know that in some time I will be dealing with the arrangement of an apartment, which will be in the development state – read: Concrete everywhere, concrete everywhere – what it will be :)))

I wrote to Magda, trying to outline my plans. I really like Magda’s style, the way of communication, the aesthetics.

We had a meeting to discuss everything. And I was delighted. Magda needed to know what was important to me, what were my expectations, what would be needed in a given room.

We talked a bit virtually about the apartment – only on the basis of plans, because we could not enter the construction site yet.

Before our meeting, I prepared a list of what is necessary in each room, so that Magda could enter my skin a bit. On Pinterest I created an inspiration board divided into rooms, types of materials and finishes that I like and shared it. I wanted above all the functionality of this apartment, to be decorated in a minimalist version. Storage space was very important to me – I adapted it to the things that were used most often. I would also like to use second hand things. For example, I have already found and bought chairs for renovation. I am a person who likes manual work very much – DIY – this is my middle name 😀 my assumption was also that I will be able to do some things myself, as long as my skills and time allow me.

Magda knows that I love many storage solutions from Ikea – because they can be modified and adjusted to current needs.

I wanted to include bookshelves, crazy graphics on the walls, functionality from the very entrance to the apartment. I wanted most of the closet to be closed. I love such solutions when the doors from the wardrobes blend into the environment, thereby increasing the space.

I asked for Metal Stories products. So far, we have a hanger in the bathroom, which will be realized to size. It helps to organize things that are to be assumed. I think there will be a console with a drawer at the entrance – to put the keys and put the bag when you get home.

In November, we entered the construction site so that Magda could take measurements to create conceptual designs. After accepting this stage – it is time to visualize and prepare the designs of individual rooms.


After we determined the final shape of the functional layout in the apartment, Magda set about preparing the visualization.

First we closed the bathroom project. I wanted white, completely minimalist with black elements. At first I thought about putting a bathtub and a screen in there, but in the end I decided to take a walk in shower and in Magda’s hands it turned out great! As a storage lover – I wanted to use as much as possible every smallest angle for storage. Finally, under the sink we have a large cabinet with drawers, and on the wall above the toilet we put a high cabinet.

It was the turn for the living area, the hall and the bedroom. We left an extra room – the office at the end.

I wanted a white base everywhere – so that it gave a sense of cleanliness, spaciousness and minimalism. In the day part Magda used a color mix that fits into my idea of this place.

Part of the day works well. The kitchen is three-color – there is white, black wood. All the light points are black. There is a place for the table, which will probably wander a little – so the lighting will be a little scattered. I wanted to find a place by the window with bookshelves and an armchair. From the living area all windows/doors overlook the mini terrace – so it will be nice to see.

In the lobby Magda separated the entrance with a wooden zone on the ceiling. Then on one wall we planned wardrobes, which will be quite a lot going on. I wanted to take the washing machine out of the bathroom and put it in the closet in the hallway. Next to it there will be a few space for storing clean accessories. Then hangers for clothes and several drawers. I also wanted to fence the kitchen a bit from the entrance – and we built a wardrobe there, which will be a wall that will ultimately be for shoes.

The bedroom has one contrasting wall in black with original stucco. I decided to do it myself. We put a wardrobe, a bed, small bedside tables and now!

The last room / cabinet – we did a little freestyle. I wanted on my desk to sit there with my computer and work in silence. A wardrobe for clothes, a bookshelf and a sofa or something you can recommend. And on one contrasting wall with stucco – I hope that I can make it. There is a heater on this wall (visualization does not include it) and as soon as I know what are the possibilities of its transfer – this idea will probably be verified. Originally I had a concrete wall in my head, but I stayed at the stucco. On the final design it is dark green, but it will be black or dark graphite. Some of the slats will be wider to create a mini decorative shelf. I wanted all the elements to be mobile, so that I could change the setting in this room.

I hope this project will not finish me😂. It is not without reason that this is called finishing. And let it be without surprises and delays. They will be shown from the gum! 😎
Keep your fingers crossed! 😉

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