I am a good organizational freak and with the availability of free time and technical support – I organized a brilliant place.

It is a room leading from the kitchen to the garage. So magical that everything disappears behind closed doors. We have cabinets where there is a small ‘shop’ with chemistry, an iron – or rather a steam station, thanks to which I loved ironing even more, and a few cabinets for storing food and other things.

In the second line – washing machine, dryer, freezer, board cabinet, mops, brushes. Previously, all these devices were just loose, the board was leaning against the wall together with the entire neighborhood of brushes, etc. Next to it were laundry containers. And in my head I arranged this room so that everything disappeared from sight. I am one of the supporters of hiding everything necessary and exposing only things that are nice to look at.

And if you plan your houses, include a place to store them. Because if we have a beautiful house, and there is no room for a mop or other things that are not necessarily decorative – it means that we have forgotten something quite important.

And so, first I thought that over the washing machine and dryer a countertop would be useful. It will make my homework easier and organize more when I wash, pull things out of the dryer and then sort it out. A piece of the worktop is then priceless:) I made a place for a high wardrobe, in which mop, brush, ironing board and vacuum cleaner found a place to live. I put another top over the freezer. The countertops were cut from wood to size, mounted on metal brackets to the wall and then I painted them keeping their nice natural color. There is sufficient space above the devices in case they need to be removed. It is always worth leaving such a margin – especially in the place where water inlets and drains are connected to the equipment. And in the case of household appliances – ventilation grilles.

When arranging the cabinet with laundry and cleaning products – I checked the shelf life and sorted them into categories: Washing, cleaning, additional accessories. I put the shelves with protective mats bought in Ikea – so as not to damage the furniture if some remedy just poured out. I set the products – so that the most used ones (washing like crazy) are on the shelf, which is the most convenient access. At the front there are liquids that I use most often, and at the back there is a supply of them. I did the same with cleaning supplies. I put the accessories in containers – because it definitely keeps order.

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