I have been thinking about this topic for a while now, to develop it a bit more broadly.

Putting together all the places where I lived shorter or longer – I always adapted them to my everyday habits, so that I could comfortably use all corners. In many apartments that I rented, I could not, for obvious reasons, make significant changes regarding furniture and functional layout, so I adjusted what I found to my needs and possessions.

The aspect of functionality and aesthetics is extremely important to me. I cannot find myself in places where everything is too much, everything is everywhere and nothing has its place.


For me, this is storage. Care for space. Aesthetics. Convenient communication. If possible, the option of rearranging or changing existing elements. Additions.

I think each of us can have a different definition of functionality – and very well. Therefore, it is worth sewing on the measure. Use external knowledge and support if we cannot do it ourselves.

Last year, the possibility of creating something from scratch appeared on the horizon.

I wanted to choose a functional, easy communication space, allowing for the placement of the right number of storage spaces. With all this in mind, the choice fell on the apartment from the east side to provide a natural inflow of everyday light and its layout was functional and allowing to realize all the ideas. From the first visit to the building, I knew what I needed. I also knew where to find it. This greatly facilitated Magda’s work, which could draw up the functional plan of the apartment, and finally translate it into visualizations. The matter was facilitated by the preparation of specific notes, what is to be found and what functions each room should perform. Magda asked about colors, types of materials, she made her notes and so began her part.

In this case, I did not decide on an executive project performed by Magda for budgetary reasons, but also because I knew that I would leverage myself with the knowledge that there might be some mishaps, but I was ready for them. Having an inventory at my disposal, I drew my bathroom executive design, laying tiles on the walls and floor, designating places for flush-mounted water installations, transferring all connections in the kitchen, fixing light points, etc.

I grew up practically on the construction site and most of the things at home we did ourselves, so it did not scare me and I decided consciously on this path.

However, having no time, knowledge, skills – it is better to give such work into the hands of someone who can do it. I suggest to be honest with yourself, because later there can only be problems that cannot be saved or there will be a place that cannot be lived.

Functional layout of the apartment.

Below, on the left is the layout proposed by the developer. Overall it is ok Looking at the plan, I immediately knew that I lacked enough storage space here, and the layout of the kitchen is not mine at all. I don’t like going straight from the door into the sink. 😉 that is why I decided to separate the kitchen from the entrance and created a wall/shoe wardrobe.

On the right side you will find the functional layout after my and Magda changes. The wall to the left of the entrance was used for functional storage. If receiving such a project you are not able to imagine how much individual furniture will take up space – take a measuring stick and a painting tape and mark individual elements on the floor / walls and see if it is for you approx. in this way you will be able to imagine how much space you need. Whether the piece of furniture/decoration is not too big or too small.


I did not plan big revolutions here than what we see on the development plan.
We just changed the electricity on the ceiling. From one lighting point two were created. Without the executive project, I myself decided to run with a measure like crazy, where these points should be. I wanted to keep symmetry with the bed, but also put it in a place where the closet door could open freely. I managed to apply the method of painting tape and measuring tape here.👍😎 And before I told Magda that this arrangement is ok for me – I checked these distances at home.

The bedroom housed a large wardrobe, a 160×200 bed and two bedside tables. I drew the interior of the wardrobe myself planning the right number of drawers, hangers and shelves.


Every connection, every electrical point and every water discharge has been changed/moved here.🙈😉

The development project assumed the placement of a bath, of course, a washbasin, a toilet and a washing machine. For a moment I wanted a bath there, but I decided that a walk in shower would be better I finally ordered the door for him. I didn’t want to change the door for a moment. And here’s a tip for you to check it out before deciding on a walk in shower In general, this is a great solution, but if the wall is not wide/long enough, it is better to make a closed shower for practical reasons. In this case, the wall in the bathroom is less than 180 cm. The shower window is 120 cm wide. There is less than 60 cm left to enter. After testing the shower, it turned out that water splashed on the door frame, even when you were very careful. The toilet was moved to the place of the washing machine from the development project, and the washing machine was behind the wall. The bathroom space was used to the maximum. I wanted a white base with black elements. There was a large 4 drawer chest of drawers and a cabinet above the shelf with geberit housing. The cabinet has a depth of 15 cm, while it is 140 cm high. It is a duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu And nothing will have to stand on top. And that was what I cared about. I don’t make compromises in those moments. When planning the heights of drawers / shelves – just measure the height of the packaging of cosmetics or other things that are supposed to fit there, so that it does not turn out that you have no way to put a spare shampoo there or put a dryer.


There was a huge wardrobe that housed a lot 🙂 Here the washing machine went, because I wanted to relieve the bathroom. My idea was to create a technical and clothing part. In the technical part I put a washing machine, ironing board, all the things necessary for cleaning and washing. I wanted nothing to be left outside. The second part of the wardrobe includes hangers for short jackets and long coats, drawers for storing handy things needed when leaving. On the opposite wall opposite the front door stood a console and pouf, so that after entering the apartment there was a place to put the keys, put the bag and put on comfortable shoes.

Another wardrobe that cordoned off the kitchen, housed shoes. And here again – knowing what shoes you have – measure their height. If you store them in boxes – measure these boxes so that it is as practical and functional as possible and so as not to lose unnecessary space. Ordering cabinets to size – it can be planned very precisely.


As you can see, a piece of kitchen came out with a huge number of storage cabinets, a large countertop and convenient communication and functional setting of equipment. Magda took care of the visual side, and I planned its interior. There was a 3color kitchen corresponding stylistically with the whole apartment. When planning a kitchen – the heart of the house – its functionality is key. It is worth planning it in such a way that you do not run through half the apartment from the refrigerator to the sink or worktop, to put away the products for preparing a meal. Plan all cabinets in such a way that they are adapted to what you do in the kitchen, what things you have. I knew exactly what I needed. However, if you need knowledge – you will find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest.


Here is a round table, which is wandering according to your needs, a sofa for comfortable lying down and a bookshelf, because I think that nothing decorates the walls like books. I wanted this place to be spacious and comfortable. Finally, I changed the size and shape of the sofa. I added a small chair there, which fit nicely into the whole. I gave up the glazing – which I wanted from the beginning – for the sake of communication only and exclusively.


This room was originally intended to serve as a study/extra bedroom if needed. We changed the layout visible at the top at the last moment before finalizing the visualization. I wanted all the elements to be mobile, so that it was possible to play this space depending on the needs. Finally, it was decided that there would be a wardrobe, a sofa, a desk and a bookcase. Choosing a sofa – I checked its dimensions carefully and drew it into the room with the other furniture, checking if there is enough space to spread it out.

I search for properties that can be your second home or can be an investment that will work for you. With love for interior design and design brands, I will prepare a house for you, ready to move in.  



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