Mój powrót do Warszawy zaprowadził mnie na Mokotów, to Czerniowiecka Street – to an intimate apartment building, with the only such reception of the building in the city and with Woliński lift and with the best owners ever!

It was about relationships and change. About friends. A lot has happened here, or rather since then. In me. In my surroundings.

Somehow in February 2018 I met Kasia – and a few days after this meeting I watched in an apartment in Warsaw. I remember this place, because at the bottom is located the best restaurant under the sun, simply Art. Bistro – where you can eat breakfast even in the evening, if you want to. And a few steps next to it there is a wonderful Rabbit House – where in summer you can lie on the grass and no one is surprised.

The apartment was empty after previous tenants who moved out of it some time ago. At that time I did not know 100% if I would move out of the boat, but all my thoughts were going in that direction. I was in the process of changes on many levels and turning life upside down, or rather its arrangement. And I made another change. I looked at the apartment, more or less remembered what was in it, but the most I remembered was that I felt peace and very cool energy in it and I knew that I did not need to see anything else.

Returning on the evening train from Warsaw to Lodz and wondering what to do and even though I had not everything in my head yet, I intuitively made the decision to move before all other issues cleared up.

I set a date with Kasia when I could move in and started packing. I spread it out for 2 weeks. In the meantime, the apartment in Warsaw has been refreshed – I received white walls to start, and furniture that I did not need found its place at the bottom – magical few m2, serving as my handy warehouse.

On March 24, packed and packed to the ceiling, I was going to Warsaw with my friend and friends who helped me bring it all up. I have never seen a tetris in a car like this! The packaging itself had a few heroes who just took everything down the elevator and laid the tetris.

When preparing for the move, I packed only what was supposed to go with me. Earlier, I organized a sale of furniture that would not fit there and that I did not need anymore. I gave some things to other people, and some of them I just removed. It was a time to verify myself and attach myself to things and see where the boundaries are. The clothes were moving too – and that was the first stage. In Warsaw I got rid of others. I wondered if it was my hobby.

From the perspective of time, I know that then I was entering a further stage of minimalism, simplification and non-attachment to matter. It didn’t mean that I rejected material things, but I knew that it wasn’t the most important thing for me. I focused on my development and working on myself and cleaning up what was inside me.

I brought all my belongings and started to unpack and embrace the apartment in my own way. For 3 days I unpacked the most and waited for my brother to arrive with the things I bought. Step by step, this apartment became “mine” in the context of personalization, which I could afford in a rented apartment. I had a super space with a nicely organized storage space.

I put decorative frames and photos on the walls, I prepared a corner to lie with books, I created a nice library from the books that got there with me. The kitchen was a place of my culinary feats for both me and my guests. I found myself and my skills there. On the balcony I arranged an extension of the room, where I also sometimes fell asleep. It was also my place of work.

I think I subconsciously chose this apartment because it was minimalist, very well organized and suited to me and my habits. I think this is very important in the places we live in. Not their size, but the protection of our needs. In my case, it satisfied: Cooking, reading, rest at home and outside, home office, a place for my loved ones. Chernivtsi took care of me then and gave a new rhythm to my life.

The apartment was a balm for me. I felt very good there on many levels. There were also very nice people there, with good energy, openness and willingness to help. They were the ones who offered help in the first few days if I needed anything.

I lived there for over a year. A lot happened during that time. I was faced with other people’s beliefs about me – that I should do something or have something. And I minimized myself piece by piece, leaving my comfort zone many times.

After less than a year, my next move began. For one head and 2 hands – I bought a lot of these attractions. But I know they came at the right time when I was ready for them and followed my intuition. This time the distance was a little more than 120 km – one more zero should be added. I took the minimum with me. On the way, selling a lot of things, giving them to those who could have had the benefit and joy of it. For each minimum, it will mean something completely different. I took with me documents, clothes that I used most often, of course books – this is my biggest weakness, but I treat them as my development. Sometimes I buy them in bulk and then I read them. Kitchen equipment, other accessories and home textiles are now staying with my parents and waiting for….

For those who are about to move: Take with you only what you love, what is most necessary and necessary. Check the destination to see if it suits your habits and preferences. Do not pay attention to the matter; it is fleeting. Create good in new places. Share.

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