Make Things Happen.


About Me

Passionate about organizing.

More than 12 years of experience in the marketing and event industry. B2B cooperation in marketing and interiors industry. Cooperation in creation brands, making websites on WIX platform, helping with BTL materials.

Running a small blog about my nomad life, interiors, and things that I love.

Working with passion and with professionalists and highly positive people.

Making things, what I'm good at, share my experience, and good practice.

Combining my Polish roots and experience with work in Belgium and all over the world if it's needed.

Open to new cooperation and challenges.

I've turned my passion into my profession in some way. I was living in many places in my life, and I always adapted them to my way of living.

Those places become my visit card and inspiration for my friends. Not always I had a budget to buy everything, and I've learned to use what I have to optimize my space.


I started my experience with home styling and decluttering in the apartments where I lived and where I moved out. Before I packed all items - I checked myself if I wanted to take them with me to a new place. Limiting the amount freed me from the stress of packing, moving, and unpacking things that I don't want to use anymore. Organizing spaces, cupboards, wardrobes, drawers, rooms always relaxed me, and the final result makes me happy.  

I organize a mobile home, private homes, and offices.

Sometimes small details change place.

Travelling, food, and architecture lover.