I work mainly from home, not counting the season, when we leave a lot due to the nature of our work. However, from around the second half of November to April we spend most of our time at home and working there, because during the year we are more occasional tenants here.

On the first floor of the house is a nice space in which we planned our home office. Previously, there were single substitute tables here, until we think about what we want. In the meantime, I searched a ton of inspiration on Pinterest, saving the variants that I liked, and then decided what and how it should look and how it should be arranged. We could not buy a finished countertop ourselves, for example in Ikea, because there the longest is 4m long, and we needed 4.80m and this subtle difference directed us to a carpenter who came here to measure everything. I have drawn zones: 2 zones where we can work and 1 zones on Mr. Right.

And so: We needed one long countertop, 2 containers – one with drawers for the most needed things and the other for a desktop computer, which is for special tasks. There were monitors on the desk so that we could work on double screens and save our eyes. Plus a scanner and a printer.

While the project itself was not complicated, we “made it a little difficult” by choosing demolition wood from old tracks for the countertop. Which required gluing, grinding and tons of other treatments I do not know about. This wood is very hard and we found out by drilling holes on the wires. The containers we wanted from black MDF and this material is hard to the max also.

The desk was set in February. And “already” came to us in November. It resulted from the fact that our carpenter was a little lost and we had to wait…, but it teaches patience.

Because of the trips, we did not work much from home, but I was very troubled by the lack of my desk, where I did not have to translate everything every time, and this from the kitchen table, and this from the couch – because at that time I was very creative when it comes to finding places to work.

And when the countertop and all the rest arrived – it was necessary to “just” bring it up. Fortunately, we have an open space and we pulled it up, because another form of maneuver was not an option.

And as it was at the top – it turned out that you need to “get a little” into the wall, because if the desk was even, the walls were not necessarily. And considering the whole project and the number of people involved, for example, in pulling this top up, we decided that it is better to damage the wall than to take this top to cut. Over the next few days I arranged a wall sealing and now we live with an unpainted fragment, but I’m not going to do it because then we would have to paint the wall at the ground floor and floor level. And before that, we need to fix the cracks on the wall and we want to make bookshelves there. So the plan is that it will happen in an instant.

Finally, I organized drawers for what we really need. I searched the internet to find ready-made containers, compartments, or anything else, but it wasn’t that easy.

So we made the partitions ourselves. I measured each drawer, putting all the things out on paper, and drew places where the compartments were to be. And then after cutting and gluing, I secured them with varnish and placed them in drawers. And now when opening nothing and nothing moves. I put the bottom of the drawers with a gray felt mat from Ikea, so that there was something visible in these black drawers. While I am the biggest fan I know of black color, it does not always work in storage places. Imagine a black wardrobe and black clothes inside. It is not easy to find something.

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